Getting Started With Raw Diet

Our food is ideal for all dogs of all ages from puppies to seniors.

We don't sell a lot of 'stuff' but what we sell is all part of a well rounded, balanced Raw Diet

All of our foods are ready to serve and there are 2 types.

Premix is for small and older dogs and more sedentary types for example. 

Supermix is for High Energy breeds, Giants breeds and young dogs over 35lbs who are very active and puppies

The food is perfectly balanced and includes 2 meat proteins. There is meat, bone, organ meat, fat, fruit/veggies, fish and supplements. All you do is measure and feed.

Our Dehydrated Treats are all natural, no preservatives or additives and all serve a purpose in a well-rounded diet.

We use only seasonal veggies and fruit, but none of the starchy ones that cause ear and skin problems that you see in other raw diets

We highly recommend skipping one meal per week for healing. In fact it's crucial. When the body digests all the energy goes to digestion. When they fast all the body's energy turns to HEALING and it's much better and easier to heal each week from wear & tear and fight off potential illness. 
I 100% know that my dogs were never sick, and arthritis was put off into their early and late teens due to the fast. 
Yes, they always want to eat and even I didn't have the nerve to give them 'nothing.' Giving them a bone weekly instead of a meal works like a charm! I have never had a dog who got a bone come back to me and say 'hey! I didn't get dinner!'
In fact, when they get a bone they totally think they made the score of the century and won't be bothering you.
Don't want to or don't feel comfortable using bones? Go for a  walk or have playtime at the regular time of that meal. The extra attention in and of itself will take their minds off what's missing.

Please use appropriately sized bones and treats for your dogs. When you have medium, large and giant breeds you have to expect it to cost more to feed them and treats and bones should also be the right size to avoid accidents and injury. Small bones are NOT for medium to giant breed dogs. Neither are Chopped Chicken Feet or Windpipe Rings. They can be swallowed whole or caught on the teeth or upper palate. A vet visit Is never welcome and easily avoided.

Puppies Rule of thumb Feed 1% of body weight/meal at 3 meals/day. Take into account metabolism and exercise if you find them getting skinny or fat on that amount. We are here to help.

The beauty of Raw Diet is it can take into account metabolism and exercise and can be increases or decreased accordingly.

To get started email us your dog’s details – breed, age, weight and we will contact you to recommend the best choice for you.


We sell Sample Packs for both Supermix and Premix that highlight the some of our bestselling options to introduce you and your dog to our raw diet program.