Large and Giant Breeds

Our food Is designed to keep your large or giant breed at the perfect weight and they are fed to the ‘weight they are supposed to be. 

Dogs at 100lbs eat 1lb of food per meal x 2 meals/day.  Giants are usually in the 150-160lb range and would get 1.5lbs of food per meal, 2 meals/day.  You can even do 1lb/meal, 3 meals/day as smaller meals are easier to digest.

That can be expensive but you got yourself a really big dog and you have higher costs for everything – food, vetting, toys,  etc., so you have to factor that in.

Our goal is to keep them as healthy as possible with as few vet bills as possible. Many Giants have inherent problems physically with joints, bones, skin problems and stomach issues including bloat and flipped stomachs.  To avoid that they need food that is easily digestible, which raw diet is,  and to prevent joint and bone problems they need a lot of calcium, collagen and EFAs.

All dogs especially the Giants do great on our Premix but they can eat the Supermix instead, in lesser amounts. You will have to add veggies to the food to fill them up (fresh, frozen,  doesn’t matter).

Giants can yak up large hunks of food like necks or chew bones, especially joints. This doesn't bother them. They'll eat it again but it is kinda gross to us. If they do that please feel free to feed them ground meat only and add Ground Beef Bone and Bone Broth Cubes to the food as replacement. Mixing some water into their food also slows them down.

Giant breeds can be expensive to feed. By using Supermix or some of the ‘DIY’ and ‘saving money’ categories choices you can feed a little less and keep them at the right weight. Contact us for help.

We are here to help you deal with slower metabolisms to get the right balance of calories for their energy levels. The beauty of raw is it can be adapted to any dog.

See ‘How to save money’ to help you feed your large or giant breed. You can save as much as $1.00/lb with the choices outlined there.