Older Dogs

With our aging dogs (aging is put off on raw diet including arthritis), metabolism is slowing down so the higher calorie choices like Supermix are not recommended anymore. They just don’t burn the calories anymore. You’ll notice weight gain on the same amount of food they always got before. That’s when it time to change up the way you feed and what products are needed more than ever.

The biggest thing with older dogs (and this should be done from the start) is to skip one meal per week. This skipped meal is for ‘healing’. When the body fasts all its energy goes to healing. Weekly healing of wear and tear and aging is much better as prevention of illness and arthritis but it’s never too late to start. You will see an immediate change in energy and pain relief, and increased interest in activities too.

We highly recommend you feed Premix Chicken, Turkey or Lamb to our aging dogs. It’s perfectly balanced and has less fat.  Also Turkey and Lamb have some excellent properties pertinent to our aging babies

Adding more organ meat treats, especially the Mixed Organ Meat supports fading organs and makes them function properly.

Switching from bones to Ground Bone in their food gives them MORE calcium, collagen and EFAs than just chewing a bone and saves wear & tear on the teeth which maybe a little more fragile after age 10.

Bone Broth is loaded with collagen for joints, skin and fur. It comes in frozen discs.

Another thing to use is whole chicken necks in place of hard beef bones as the bone is softer and there is not a lot of fat. That means though less EFAs so using the Ground Bone as well and the Bone Broth covers all the bases

Supermix can still be used if that’s been their main food most of their lives, just feed a couple ounces less and add a few ounces of fresh, frozen or canned veggies so they still feel full. We recommend ‘water based’ veggies like green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber – any of the less starchy ones.