Puppies can go on raw diet as well once weaned. We recommend the Premix for the first month and then they switch to Supermix for optimum growth and energy

Puppies are fed UP to the weight they are going to be in 10-20lb increments.

Please contact us about the amount to start and how to do the incremental increases. We have ‘notes’ at the check out and if you give us their current weight when you order we will have the information ready for you.

Bones can be given 2 times per week and marrow bones can be reused when finished by lining them with a bit of peanut butter and stuffed with apple wedges for continued chewing pleasure and keeping teeth clean.

We do not recommend skipping one meal per week (see Getting Started on Raw) for the 1st 6 mos

We work with you to help you keep them on the correct amount of food until they are on an Adult weight.