Raw diet for dogs - Ground chicken with bones - fresh 25lb box

Ground Chicken with Bones – Fresh 25lb box

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Raw diet for dogs - Ground Chicken with Bones – Fresh Box

25lbs of ground chicken with bones for DIY'rs. Has no
additional organ meat or supplements. Just chicken carcasses. It 
can be mixed with Fresh Premix buckets to 'make' supermix.
Boxes must be ordered no later than 6pm Sunday for pick up the 
following Friday or Saturday and you package it yourself in any 
amount up to 6lbs (3L) containers (for purposes of defrosting
Ideal for large, giant and multiple dog owners .

Chicken reduces fatigue, diarrhea, skin problems, muscle weakness and dementia, improves appetite.

These are special order items and not refundable if order cancelled.

Delivery available for Durham Region and GTA. Contact us for rates.

Made in Whitby, Ontario with all Canadian ingredients.