Raw diet for dogs - Supermix Complete Formula High Energy Dog Formula

Supermix Complete Formula High Energy Dog Formula 100% Ground Turkey Necks 2.5lb

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Raw diet for dogs. 

100% ground turkey necks with veggie puck to make Supermix for a complete diet.

Ratio is 2lb 100% ground turkey necks to 1/2lb Veggie Puck ( $4.00/lb) 

Supermix Complete Formula is Premix Complete with 50% more meat/fat/bone with additional supplements and organ meat for high energy or giant breed dogs as well as high energy small breeds such as Jack Russells and Cockapoos and puppies of any breed. 

The extra calories make it ideal for growth, energy, metabolism and for giant breeds who have LESS energy it is less expensive to feed them as you can give them less food.
All our complete foods contain 2-3 meat proteins, organ meat, fish, veggies, fruit, oils and supplements.


Turkey is very high in lean protein and helps prevent bladder stones, promotes good metabolism and membrane integrity, has a moderate level of omega 3 and strengthens the immune system. It is also recommended for dogs prone to pancreatitis as it's so low in fat.

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Made in Whitby, Ontario with all Canadian ingredients.