Frequently Asked Questions

What's in the food?

People think that raw diet is slapping meat into a bowl. It's not.  Combining two proteins is important to any great raw diet. So are fruit, veggies, fish and supplements and oils.
Love My Dog Raw Diet Premix and Supermix are properly balanced for feeding.
Improper nutritional configurations can harm your dog.
Let us help you build a balanced diet for your dog with our wide variety of options. 
My vet says organisms like botulism, salmonella and E.coli in the raw meat could kill my dog. Is this true?

Commercial dog food has been around for less than a century.

Unlike humans, dogs have been eating raw food for millennia. A dog has a short, acidic digestive system that is designed to consume raw meat without absorbing harmful bacteria. Think about it. Dogs lick their butts, eat garbage and drink from puddles. If that’s not making them sick, the BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet won’t either.

Raw food may contain bacteria, though. Ensure you wash your hands with soap and water after handling your dog’s raw food, just as you would after handling the chicken for your own dinner.

My vet says they’ve seen dogs die on the raw diet. Is this true?

You can kill a dog on any food. Doing raw yourself without research can make your dog sick. There are percentages, portions and protein requirements for raw diets.

Why doesn’t my vet recommend the raw diet? 

 Many veterinarians received their nutritional training from the commercial dog food manufacturers. Until recently, there were no experts to teach about the raw diet. That’s changing. More vets are investigating the BARF diet. 

My vet says that dogs fed the raw diet will hunt down and eat cats and other small animals. Surely this isn’t true!

Of course not. It’s not the taste of raw meat that makes some dogs chase animals; it’s the hunt. They don’t chase a bowl of food. 

Organic Or Non-Organic?

Most practitioners of raw diet prefer organic foods as they reduce the cancer risk. I don’t believe that the meat manufacturers are using antibiotics and hormones as much anymore because we won’t buy, it so non-organic is fine for your dogs if you’re using human-grade meat.

We have organic available but our basic foods are hormone and antibiotic free already.

Organic is substantially more expensive than regular and if that’s what’s stopping you from using raw diet for your dog, try us.


This is a big factor in people’s decision to not use raw diet.

Love My Dog Raw Diet has designed the food so that people with 50 to 100 pound dogs can afford to feed their dogs for less than a premium kibble.

If you do it yourself, it can cost as little as .25/day. If you buy it from us, the average price is $4.25/lb for premixed frozen containers.

An average 50lb dog already costs you approximately $100/mo in premium commercial food. That dog would cost you approximately $120 on raw diet bought ready made in small amounts but you can feed your dog for as little as $60/month buying in bulk.

Changes You Will See In Your Dog

You will see a change in their coat, usually within 4 days. Hair growth starts in two days, and one week for hair regrowth on bald spots from bacterial infections and alopecia.

Your dog will be flea resistant within six months. The reason for this is that fleas are attracted to strong odours and sugar. When your dog is eating an all natural raw diet, they will not have that "doggy" smell anymore, and they will not be eating the sugar that is found in kibble.

Your dog will be less prone to ear infections on raw diet. Ear infections are the result if allergies that can come from grain and sugar. They also will not have hot spots or diarrhea (unless they eat rabbit poop or spoiled or rotten food from the garbage). They will shed less.

Weight is instantly managed. They loose weight without increased movement and maintain it because you feed adult dogs to the weight they should be and puppies to the the weight they’re going to be.

You will also notice a difference in the size and odour of bowel movements.

About 3 months ago we started feeding our very picky pup raw food from a great local business.

 "Our dogs fur is softer and fluffier, her teeth are sparkling white and she loves eating now! New to raw diet?? They answer all your questions and help make it easy!!"