Behavioral Consulting

Behavioral Consulting

Regular price $150.00

We have many, many years of experience with canine health and behavior and are here to help!

Canine consultations are done by pre paid appointment only at our location or over the phone for behavior.

Please let us know your preferences when you book. Behavior Consultations are $150

Phone consultations available for $100 ( we will determine if it can be done by phone)



"In July of 2015, we added Shelby, a second dog to our family. Shelby is amazing, but getting her made us realize how much work our first dog, Merlin needed! After a horrible experience with another "dog training" program, Merlin actually regressed and was growling at strangers and lunging on the leash. As a "big black dog" we knew this behaviour was unacceptable, and Shelby was starting to pick up some of Merlin's bad habits. 

We turned to Su and Dave for help and in the matter of a few minutes, we had Merlin walking nicely on leash past other dogs and have seen a huge improvement since.  Shelby and Merlin "get along" so much better now that they understand who is in charge in our house!
If you're looking for a behavioural consultation for your dog, we can't recommend LotsaDogs enough. 
Thanks Su and Dave!"