We have expanded to include cats now that we have found they will accept raw since Lily died from intestinal cancer after 14yrs of commercial food but even we had worries about salmonella or botulism, leaving it out for hours for the grazers or constantly feeding smaller meals in the hope they will gobble it up all at once. Since you have to work and sleep, We are doing cooked and it's finely ground including bone and organ meat, fish, oils and supplements to resemble 'commercial' food and all have taken to that. 

All that's missing is the 'pop-top' noise but you will see that the resemblance ENDS there. From the smell (none) to consistency (drier) to leaving it out for hours while you're at work or sleeping for those grazing cats. We've ALL had cats who come crying for food when their bowls are still half full. NO MORE throwing out food just because it went brown and crusty within a short time. Ours does not do that.
The best part is we have been able to source all the meats to make them less expensive while keeping the quality standards as high as our dog food. 

We have done blood tests every 6 months the past year on my cats and all their levels are perfect. I was concerned about their teeth staying white and healthy as there can't be big pieces of bone in cooked food, that they would lose the benefit of bone to keep their teeth clean. What turned out to be interesting is that Frankie's teeth are white over a year later. Herman lost all his teeth to commercial food a couple of years ago as he couldn't eat hard food since it gave him crystals in his urine. The 2 teeth he does still have are also white. I'm going to say that with no preservatives and additives and weird stuff in the food (commercial food is processed and basically junk food) their teeth are still white.

Why cooked? 

Cooking does take some nutrients out of food, the same as from ours but it's better than processed food no matter how you look at it and because many people have said their cats 'won't take to raw' but in our research, they all took to the cooked especially if it was the consistency of commercially canned cat food. 

*** Raw available on request 1 week's notice. Price depending on meat