New! Love My Cat Raw / Cookable Food

We have designed this food to be fed raw or cooked. As raw diet proponents for dogs, it was hard to accept 'cooked' right away but we saw the same results with the cooked food as we saw with the raw food in cats - Shinier coats, no dandruff, beautiful colours, tiny poops which had NO ODOUR! In fact, they did not poop every day as all the food is absorbed by the body - no fillers.
Why cooked? We found one of the biggest impediments to feeding raw to cats is they do not eat all their food at once and leaving raw out all day while you're at work was a problem. Cooked fixed that problem. It can be left out all day and overnight and as an added bonus did not turn brown and crusty like commercial food.
You can buy food from us designed as raw and designed to be cooked. The food comes complete with Ground Beef Bones for each container that you can add to raw food or AFTER cooking and cooling the food.
Cooking takes 3-4 minutes in the microwave after defrosting and the powdered bone can be added after it cools. Both cooked and raw can remain in the fridge for 4 days. 
You can read our entire blog post here about our cat food.