Raw Diet

 We Started Our Raw Mission in 2004

For The Love of Dog Wellness Centre started out as a regular boarding facility in 2004.

As a boarding facility we noticed that many of our client’s dogs had physical problems. These included allergies, digestion issues, chronic ear infections, arthritis and hair loss to name a few. During our first Christmas we created colour codes for the dogs: white for no problems, pink for allergies and blue for medications. Out of 21 dogs boarding for the holidays one was white, 15 were pink and 5 were blue.

We began researching health and wellness for dogs. We learned from professionals in raw nutrition how to put together balanced meals, and then found local suppliers where we could source our meat from. From there we put together our first products: Premix and Supermix. 

Our mission is to make raw diet simple and affordable. Even for multiple dog households, our raw diet options compare in cost to kibble.

Love My Dog Raw Diet has options for all dogs, from puppies to seniors, to high energy dogs and small dogs. Every product that we sell has a function in your dogs overall health and wellness.

In addition to making raw diet food accessible, we offer health consulting and holistic treatments. We have helped dog owners with diet plans and supplements that successfully reverse and treat allergies, digestion issues, arthritis, and skin problems to name a few. We all want our dogs to live longer, healthier, pain-free lives. 

We are blessed to be in this business and to meet so many great people in the canine health industry who answered our questions, and put us in touch with reliable people and resources that helped make Love My Dog Raw Diet what it is today. 

Our Food

All of our raw meals are created with locally sourced human grade meat. There are no preservatives in any of the meals or treats that we sell. Please ensure that you refrigerate or freeze our products. 

Raw Facts


What is a Raw Diet?

People think that raw diet is slapping meat into a bowl. It's not.   
Combining is proteins is important to any great raw diet. So are fruit, veggies, fish and supplements and oils. Improper nutritional configurations can harm your dog.
Love My Dog Raw Diet Premix and Supermix are properly balanced meals. We use human grade food. There are no preservatives in any of our meals or treats.
Let us help you build a balanced diet for your dog with our wide variety of options. 
My vet says organisms like botulism, salmonella and E.coli in the raw meat could kill my dog. Is this true?

 Unlike humans, dogs have been eating raw food for millennia.  Commercial dog food has been around for less than a century. 

A dog has a short, acidic digestive system that is designed to consume raw meat without absorbing harmful bacteria. Think about it. Dogs lick their butts, eat garbage and drink from puddles. If that’s not making them sick, the BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet won’t either.

Raw food may contain bacteria, though. Ensure you wash your hands with soap and water after handling your dog’s raw food, just as you would after handling the chicken for your own dinner.

My vet says they’ve seen dogs die on the raw diet. Is this true?

You can kill a dog on any food. Doing raw yourself without research can make your dog sick. There are percentages, portions and protein requirements for raw diets.

 Changes You Will See In Your Dog

- You will see a change in their coat.

- Better oral health.

- Hair regrowth on bald spots from bacterial infections and alopecia.

- Better resistance to fleas. The reason for this is that fleas are attracted to strong odours and sugar. When your dog is eating an all natural raw diet, they will not have that "doggy" smell anymore, and they will not be eating the sugar that is found in kibble.

- Less prone to ear infections. Ear infections are the result if allergies are triggered by grain and sugar.

- Less shedding.

- Weight is naturally managed.

- A difference in the size and odour of bowel movements.

- Less "doggy" smell. Especially in breeds that have skin folds ( sorry, we are looking at you, pugs).

- Dogs will naturally eat less of high quality food because it properly nourishes them. 

- Most allergies in dogs are not allergies at all, except to the preservative and additives in commercial food. A raw diet can eliminate many food related allergies.

- In cases where arthritis is present, symptoms will be reduced.