About us


We started out as a regular boarding facility in 2004. Over time we noticed that many of our client’s dogs had physical problems. These included allergies, digestion issues, chronic ear infections, arthritis and hair loss to name a few. Our first Christmas, we had colour codes for the dogs – white for no problems, pink for allergies and blue for medications. Out of 21 dogs boarding for the holidays one was white, 15 were pink and 5 were blue.

Before we knew it we were researching and providing health and wellness for dogs. We learned from professionals in raw nutrition how to put together balanced meals, and then found local suppliers where we could source our meat from. From there we put together our first products: Premix and Supermix. 

Our goal is to make raw diet simple and affordable. Even for multiple dog households, our raw diet options compare in cost to kibble. The reasons are that not only do we make our raw diet options affordable, but dogs will eat less of high quality food because it properly nourishes them. 

Love My Dog Raw Diet has options for all dogs, from puppies to seniors, to high energy dogs and small dogs. Every product that we sell has a function in your dogs overall health and wellness. 

In addition to making raw diet food accessible, we offer health consulting and holistic treatments. We have helped dog owners with diet plans and supplements that successfully reverse and treat allergies, digestion issues, arthritis, and skin problems to name a few. 

We are blessed to be in this business and to meet so many great people in the Wellness industry who took the time to answer our questions, and put us in touch with reliable people and resources that helped make Love My Dog Raw Diet as awesome as it is.

We literally have a 100% success rate fixing all kinds of problems.

Most allergies in dogs are not allergies at all, except to the preservative and additives in commercial food. We can’t eat at fast food restaurants for every meal without feeling and getting sick, why should they?

What Our Clients Say

My 9 year old dog peanut was diagnosed with Cushings and Liver Failure… I knew i needed to put him on a good diet and contacted Sue. I just picked up my first month of frozen food, the dehydrated liver snacks and a bag of bones on Saturday August 11th. Peanut has been on this diet for 3 days now… wow, what a difference!!! His coat is already brighter white, he has the energy of a puppy again and just from gnawing on one of the bones his teeth are cleaner. I am so amazed and impressed. He seems like a brand new dog!

Thanks Sue! I’m so glad I found your site and am so glad you are helping our dogs live happier & healthier!!

- Shelena

Less Shedding

Well…Su finally convinced me to go with the raw diet. My older dog, a lab mix, got a hematoma on his ear flap, he had ear infections in both of his ears that the vet said was a 3+, after two weeks of sporadic medicating of the ears (because he fights so much) and two weeks on raw diet I took him back to the vet, one ear fully clear and one ear a slight 1+.

The ABSOLUTE best for me though is that the amount of dog hair floating around my house has diminished by more than half and that is phenomenal. I have two large dogs and the occasional foster dog as well. I will tout the benefits of the raw diet to anyone that asks! Thanks Su for finally convincing me.

 Natural Treatment For Arthritis 

My senior dachshund, 13 yrs old at the time, had become quite slow and it was apparent his arthritis was becoming an issue. He struggled to climb stairs and we often had to pick him up to go outside or to get on/off furniture. He was even struggling on walks, especially in the mornings. We booked a consult with Su and brought Dusty along. She recommended some bone powder to add to his food, an anti-inflammatory and holistic oil for the future for those days he would really struggle.

We started with just a bit of bone powder at every meal and after about a week, WOW. He was walking a bit quicker, had more pep in his step, was able to walk the stairs, get up on the couch. Our Dusty had come back to life! It's been about a year now and his arthritis has been well managed with the bone powder only. We haven't even needed the other 2 medications yet as she told us but have it in case we see a change. Dusty is now 14 years old and he still jumps around like a pup at the sight of his leash (or bacon). Who knew all he needed was a sprinkle of bone powder!

Thanks Su for helping our Dusty! 

No Stinky Gas or Big Poops!

Hi Sue,

I wanted to say how great it is that my dogs have been on your raw diet for most of their life (since we adopted them)! We got Tinker from you at about 8 months old and we got Kevin via at 3 months. Now that they are getting older, I can see the long term benefits of the raw diet you sell. You’ll note how white Kevin’s teeth are and how shiny Tinker’s coat is. Their eyes are clear and of course there is the poop factor (or lack of poop). I love that this diet is completely balanced, it’s easy to feed, they love the food, the don’t have stinky gas and their poop does not stink up the yard and for large dogs (75lbs and 50lbs) there is very little poop…I know their bodies are using almost everything they eat. Of course, there are additional treats we get from you…they both wait patiently every day for the dehydrated chicken feet and Kevin drools when he gets windpipes. I’m so glad there is a ‘one stop shop’ for a balanced raw diet. I know people do it themselves but I’d rather get it from you and pay a little extra to know it’s perfectly balanced. We’ll be customers for many years to come! Thanks for a great and truly all natural product.

 Thanks for researching, resourcing and selling this fabulous food!

- April 


Weight Management and Healthy Coat

When we adopted Bailey we decided to switch Mitsee, our Old English Sheepdog, to Raw Diet as well. Mitsee used to be a grazer and wasn't very  interested in her dry food. Since switching to raw she is so excited to eat that she can barely contain herself! Both have soft silky coats and matting had reduced. As an added bonus  Mitsee is now at her ideal weight weight as well. 

- Cathy

Natural Food As Supplements

We use a variety of foods from Love My Dog Raw Diet , including  dinners, treats and single ingredient foods. One of her favourite dinners is the premix and the duck dinners have been a new introduction that has been a very big hit. Our girl is a senior and we use natural foods as supplements to maintain her health. We use bone broth cubes, ground bones, frozen smelts ( Her absolute favourite!) as well as dehydrated organ meat treats and dehydrated chicken liver treats.  The treats do double duty as a reward and as a supplements for her overall health.

- Debra

Maggie Loves Pizzles!

Just wanted to let you know that Maggie has finally got the hang of the pizzles. She eagerly accepted the pizzle the first couple of times  I offered it to her, but quickly abandoned it. We were outside, a chipmunk came along and stopped short when he saw the abandoned pizzle. When Maggie saw the chipmunk looking at her pizzle, she quickly picked it up and started to gnaw at it and the rest is history. Thank you for making a great variety of quality food!



Chayse The Rescue

8 years ago, we rescued a puppy from a high kill shelter in Michigan and Su was our middle person who helped bring our baby home. When he arrived, Su had explained all the benefits of a raw diet to me and I decided to give it a try. (I had heard of this previously when I got my American Cocker Spaniel 4 years prior but I did not keep him on it at that time).

Our Chayse ( the rescue) loved his raw diet, always was smelling good, never has had to have dental work done etc, poop was on a schedule if you will, much smaller and easier to dispose of just to mention a few of the benefits. During this time, my cocker was on all kinds of "specialized vet kibble" for numerous issues including gastoral issues and more. During this time, we saved a German Sheppard. She as well was on kibble. When she was 8 months old, she would simply stop eating. Not uncommon for Sheps, as this is how they tend to heal something going on inside them that we can not see. However, this continued for several months. After sometime, I had been down to see Su for Chayse's order and we discussed these issues about our Shep and our Cocker. I was concerned about putting my cocker on raw ( as a few years earlier, he and my cat decided to share a pound of raw beef and boy was he sick!  But I decided there on the spot to change them both to raw to get the same health benefits I had seen with our Chayse. Well, it has been 6 years for both my Shep and Cocker. My Shep has never missed a meal, she smells so good ( and she is my I don't care if I get wet dog, lol) and her teeth look like they did when we got her. My cocker, yup, our troubled one, lol, is now almost 12. He plays with the big dogs, like a puppy, has never yet had another gastro issue, and has all his teeth with no need for any dental procedures since! Not only is the raw food diet that Su sells healthy for them, it is easy to use ( I buy the frozen containers and do a "dog food run" every 50 days) it is financially easy to manage, I have not had any more vets bills!

 I have been buying from Su since she first started into this and I remember the look on my vet's face when I told her what I fed Chayse.  We had quite the discussion as she was completely opposed to this diet. Today, it is more acceptable ( if you will) but be careful who you buy from! Su spent many years perfecting this recipe and I know my dogs are all getting the very best food they can for their health. I drive, happily, over an hour one way to just get mine from Su. I will never purchase my food anywhere else   Buy the treats too! My babies LOVE them!

Chance’s Story

Last month, Chance took quite a turn for the worst. He is approximately 14 years old, and we thought this was it. This was the weekend we would be saying goodbye to our sweet boy. He stopped eating, drinking, needed to be carried everywhere. He was tired and weak, and that also put a strain on his arthritis. The vet informed us that he had pancreatitis, along with liver and kidney issues. He was put on painkillers and antibiotics.

I decided to let Su know, as Chance was one her first rescued dogs. The next day, we took Chance for a second opinion with Su. When we all looked into his eyes, we could tell that he wasn’t ready to go, and we were not giving up on him. Su guided us through a dietary change and a holistic regiment that we began right then and there. Within hours, Chance was up and moving on his own. By the first evening, he was eating and drinking. The next day, he was able to go for a walk.

Chance is thriving now and shows no signs of slowing down. He is back to his old antics, playing with his friends and being our furry shadow.
Su’s vast knowledge, love and compassion for the dogs that she’s come across has touched their lives and those who have loved those dogs.
Thank you will never be enough for helping, and in turn, saving our boy.
Lots of love,

Johan Never Needs Another Haircut!

These are photos of Johann taken 2 years apart. He has never had a haircut. The vet says short hair is his “new normal.” 
She thinks that since coming to live with me, Jo’s improved nutrition from Love My Dog Raw Diet, love and care has changed him mentally and physically
 and he no longer needs the hair to protect him


Cancer Free

Dear Su:

Today marks a very important anniversary in my life.  It is this day in 2010 that I brought my lovely Coonhound, Lucy home from the pound where she had resided for four months regaining her strength from living in the streets with no one to care for her.  She gained some weight back and somehow managed to survive to the surprise of the care givers at Animal Services.  
In September 2014 Lucy was diagnosed with a large cancer growth in her mouth above her upper right Canine tooth.  I had two opinions with different Vets at her clinic and then was referred to Internal Medicine at the Toronto Veterinary Emergency Hospital only to get the same diagnosis.  I was told the prognosis was not good at all and just to make sure her last days were comfortable.
I posted my heartache on FB and Su Steiner contacted me.  We had a consultation and I decided to take her advice and look into holistic medicine for Lucy.  I did lots of research myself and with Su's unlimited wealth of knowledge in this field we treated Lucy through 2015 together and in combination with health checks at my regular Vets office.  I stopped all chemical treatment, ie flea drugs, rabies  and booster injections and concentrated on Su's holistic treatments. I also introduced Lucy to Amber Beads which have wonderful medicinal properties.
By late 2015 when Lucy was checked by her regular Vet, he was stunned to see that the lump had gone and that Lucy was showing a clean bill of health.  I was warned that the cancer may have manifested itself elsewhere in her body and that only time would tell.
Lucy has now completed another yearly checkup with no sign of the cancer returning.  Lucy is a healthy and happy 65 lb girl enjoying every day of her life.  
I just want to say a big thank you to Su Steiner and her wealth of Holistic knowledge for saving my girl's life.  Together we strive to give Lucy the best years she can have.  She is now 9.5 years old and doing great.
Thanks Su
-Ann F
Little Ol' Lovey
At 16, she now getting quite gray in the face, but on Love My Dog food, her coat is in excellent shape, her eyes bright, even with her cataracts, and her energy is amazing!  She's gambols around the house like a pup, especially when we are all home.  Her excitement has no bounds and she's all energized for a big walk or roaming around the field smelling which critters have been through.
We love Love My Dog!


We Want Our Dogs To Live Longer, Healthier Lives

Leah and Stella are fed "Love My Dog" SuperMix High Energy Raw Diet. They have been on raw since adoption, which is five and four years respectively. We appreciate the fact that the food is 100% nutritious and doesn't contain fillers and preservatives. The girls' coats are beautiful, shiny and feel soft. Their energy level is consistently high. And yes, the poops are smaller than when fed dry kibble. Such a large difference. We made the decision to feed raw after losing our beloved Lab Piper at the age of six - so felt that we had to eliminate what we could which may have a negative affect on our dogs' health. So raw it is! 

We moved two years ago and yes, it is a challenge for us with food pick up as it's now a 1.5 hour drive to Whitby - but well worth it. Having an additional small freezer helps.

Thanks Su!

Jo & Larry

Charlie's Healthy New Coat

Charlie came to Su a skinny hairless, unhappy dog. He was joyless. I fostered him for the Home for Christmas Program, having lost my previous dog that October. He was nothing that I excepted, short, itchy, unkept, and just plain sick, but willing to be loved. In the course of two months because of Su's RAW food, advice on natural products and his amber beads, Charlie flourished and I became a foster failure. He is now, joyful, and not so thin. The very best of all though is his coat, it grew and came out so soft and so thick. 

 We then adopted Shelby in January of 2015. She is a loving, people dog. And she loves her Charlie above all others. She also is on raw and has benefitted from Su's advice and counsel. After seeing the effects of raw on both my dogs, I highly recommend Su's. It's easy to use, and I know they are getting the best nutrition.