Health Consulting

Health Consulting

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Canine consultations are done by pre-paid appointment only at our location.  If your dog has been diagnosed with a health issue we can provide dietary and supplement options to help mitigate associated complications. We help guide you to give your dog more time with you, pain free, for as long as possible.

Some health and behaviour consultations can be done over the phone, however onsite consults work best because we can see your dog and you.

Dusty's Story

My senior dachshund, 13 yrs old at the time, had become quite slow and it was apparent his arthritis was becoming an issue. He struggled to climb stairs and we often had to pick him up to go outside or to get on/off furniture. He was even struggling on walks, especially in the mornings.

We booked a consult with Su and brought Dusty along. She recommended some bone powder to add to his food, an anti-inflammatory and CBD oil for the future for those days he would really struggle. We started with just a bit of bone powder at every meal and after about a week, WOW. He was walking a bit quicker, had more pep in his step, was able to walk the stairs, get up on the couch; our Dusty had come back to life!

It's been about a year now and his arthritis has been well managed with the bone powder only. We haven't even needed the other 2 medications yet as she told us but have it in case we see a change. Dusty is now 14 years old and he still jumps around like a pup at the sight of his leash (or bacon). Who knew all be needed was a sprinkle of bone powder!

Thanks Su for helping our Dusty!